Bradley Stoke Town Council met virtually to elect a new civic head for 2020-21

Bradley Stoke Town Council’s Annual Town Council Meeting for the civic year 2020-21 appointed Councillor Tony Griffiths to the position of Mayor of Bradley Stoke.

The Annual Town Council Meeting was opened by the outgoing Mayor, Councillor Tom Aditya who explained the exceptional situation in which the meeting was held through a video conferencing platform due to covid-19 pandemic lockdown procedures. He also briefly presented an overview of the previous year’s report, addressed the issues pertaining to the town, thanked everyone for their co-operation and gave cheques to the Mayoral charities. Cllr Tom Aditya presided over the Mayoral election, greeted his successor and handed over the chair to the new Mayor. 

Upon Councillor Tony Griffith’s appointment to the position of Mayor, he thanked all councillors for his nomination. After signing the ‘declaration of acceptance of office’, he chaired the rest of the Council meeting. Councillor Tony Griffith has been a sitting councillor in Bradley Stoke since 2011 (currently representing the Bradley Stoke, North ward). 

The Annual Town Council Meeting of Bradley Stoke Town Council also elected Councillor Michael Hill, who was earlier the County Councillor of Northamptonshire as the new Vice-Chair of the Council and Mayor Emeritus, Councillor Tom Aditya as the Council’s Spokesperson. 

Bradley Stoke Town Council also endorsed the council representatives to the external bodies for the next civic year and approved members of the three standing committees of the Council which pertains to 1. Finance, 2. Planning & Environment and 3. Leisure, Youth & Amenities. The Council also approved signatories of the Council’s bank accounts; appointed external and internal auditors of the Council; and received the unaudited year-end financial figures. 

After the meeting, the new Mayor, Councillor Tony Griffiths announced that he has chosen Great Western Air Ambulance Charity and Next Link Domestic Abuse Victims Support Services as his Mayoral charities for 2020/21. 

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