Bradley Stoke Zero Carbon Community Group

Hello from us here at Bradley Stoke Zero Carbon Community Group. We have asked Bradley Stoke & Little Stoke Gifford Matters to give us a bit of space to tell you about our ‘newish’ group and what we do. 

The group was kick started by South Gloucestershire Council passing a climate emergency motion on the 17th July 2019. Our chair and founding member Lorna was inspired by a conference she attended called Zero Carbon Britain at the wonderful Centre for Alternative Technology. The group was formed just over a year ago and as the name suggests we aim to give local people a space to come together, take action to reduce carbon emissions and take care of the land around us. 

Initially our chair posted a link asking for local Bradley Stoke people who cared about all things ‘green’ to join a Facebook group for sharing ‘green’ ideas. From there we started holding meetings in August 2019, setting up the group formally with a constitution and also started planning events with other local groups. Due to the pandemic we are now holding these meetings online. Some of our planned events were also put on hold however we are dreaming up new ways to share information on what every individual can do to do their bit for the planet. Bradley Stoke Town Council provided financial assistance to the group to support our work in the coming year. We plan to put this to good use for the benefit of local people and the environment. 

We have a small committee group, all of whom live in Bradley Stoke, and are always looking for more people to get involved, share ideas or simply learn so please get in touch, join our facebook group or have a look at the website. 

Find out more: 

Join us on Facebook: Search for Bradley Stoke Zero Carbon Community Group


Contact us: [email protected]

Each month the group posts an idea for helping its members to reduce personal carbon footprints or benefit the natural environment. The tips are designed with the local area in mind and we try to get things as local as possible. Here is a tip for the Christmas season. 

Christmas 2020 is likely to be a Christmas like no other we have known. Let’s make it a little more ‘green’ and special. 

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