Bristol born entrepreneur looking for a location to set-up first padel tennis club in Bristol

David Cornwell, a Bristol born entrepreneur living in Chepstow is looking for a location to set-up the first padel tennis club in the South West.

Padel tennis is the fastest growing racket sport in the world and is a cross between tennis and squash as the game is played across a net but within an enclosed court and the ball may be bounced off the walls.

Padel is a doubles game which is relatively easy to play as it is not about power – hitting a ball hard simply means it bounces off a wall and is an easy return for the opposite pair. It is therefore suitable for all ages and women can compete on an equal footing with men.

The court itself comprises glass and mesh walls and the game is played with special padel rackets and padel balls which are, essentially, depressurised tennis balls.

Padel is extremely popular Spain (where it is the second largest participation sport after football), Portugal & Latin America. It is growing rapidly across mainland Europe. The International Padel Federation (IPF) is the governing body and the British Paddle Association which covers the UK is recognised by IPF and recently came under the auspices of the LTA.

In Spain it is estimated that there are approximately 25,000 courts. In the UK there 63 courts  and none the South West of the UK – the closest being Winchester.

David Cornwell explained: “I discovered padel tennis in Spain in 2017 and have become mildly addicted. I’m now qualified padel tennis coach and simply need somewhere to play. As there are no clubs in the South West I’m looking to start one. I have the funding all I need is the location.

“The minimum space required is about 11m x 21m as each court is 10m x 20m, but ideally we’d have two courts to start and potential for expansion. I’d like to team up with an existing sports club or facility which has spare land so that so toilet and changing facilities can be shared.  There’d be no cost to the hosting venue and the padel club will pay a rental.

“So if you are a sports club with a bit of spare land you’d like to earn some money from or you have an old tennis court that isn’t being used and you are based within about 30 minutes or so of the Severn Bridge, please get in touch for a chat.”

For more information contact David Cornwell.

[email protected]

mobile: 07785 558431

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