BSCS ‘A’ Level Results: Students achieve excellent results and celebrate places at top universities 

The overall school results are broadly in line with the strong outcomes of last year and have enabled every one of our students to secure places at their chosen universities and apprenticeship opportunities. We are incredibly proud of what they have achieved with the support of our fantastic staff, including our outstanding Post 16 guidance team. Their specialist knowledge has been a key factor in students applying for and gaining such fantastic opportunities at top Russell Group universities (including a place at Cambridge) and apprenticeships with employers including Dyson and the MoD. Some particularly notable individual successes include:

• Ben Reeves who achieved 2A*s (Maths and Further Maths) and 2As (Physics and Product Design) and starts an Apprenticeship at Dyson in September.

• Ethan Buckler who achieved 3As (Maths, Further Maths and Computing) and a B (Physics) and is starting a Maths degree at bath University.

• Daniel Giuliani who achieved 3 Dist*s (Applied Science, ICT and Media) and starts a Film, Television and Digital Production course at Bath Spa in September.

• James Mann who achieved an A* (Computing), an A (Maths), a B (Further Maths) and a C (Physics) is starting a software apprenticeship at Renishaw Engineering.

• Nicholas Sequeiros-Engel who achieved 2A*s (Sociology and Physics) and 2As (History and Core Maths) and starts a Law degree at University College, London.

• Mia Vindel who achieved an A* (Geography), an A (Maths) and a B (Physics) is starting a degree in Geography at University College, London.

• Joshua Tutin who achieved an A* (Further Maths), 2As (Physics and Maths (Maths achieved 4 years ago remarkably!) and a B (Computing) and starts a Maths degree at the University of the West of England in September.

• Elena Morris who achieved an A* (Art), an A (Criminology) and a B (History) and is taking a Gap Year next year.

• Sophie Robertson who achieved a Dist* (Media), an A (Sociology) and a B (Psychology) and is taking a Gap Year next year.

• Gabriel Prasal who achieved a Dist* (ICT) an A (Product Design) and a B (Core Maths) and starts his Product Design course at the University of the West of England in September.

• Sophie Frampton who achieved 3As (Psychology, Sociology and Core Maths) and a B (Art) and is starting a degree in Illustration at the University of Gloucestershire in September.

We are also delighted to report that Danielle Fear, who achieved 2A*s (Psychology and Sociology) and an A (History) last year and who has been taking a Gap Year has secured a place at the University of Cambridge to study Education.

Headteacher Steve Moir expressed his pride in the students’ achievement:  “Our students and staff have worked incredibly hard and showed amazing resilience and commitment to achieve these results. We are very proud of how they have coped during lockdown and the fact that all of them have secured their university places and apprenticeships is a real testament to that. We wish all of them every success in their exciting next steps.”

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