Councillor Michael Hill elected Mayor of Bradley Stoke 2021-22

Councillor Michael Hill has been elected Mayor of Bradley Stoke for the civic year 2021-22 at the
Annual Town Council Meeting held on Wednesday, 26th of May 2021. Cllr Hill has been a
Conservative councillor since 1974 in various councils of the land and served as Deputy Mayor of
Bradley Stoke during the preceding civic year.

Councillor Tony Griffiths, who stepped down from his Mayoral role became the new Deputy Mayor.
Ex-Mayor Councillor Tom Aditya, who is currently serving as the Conservative party leader in the
council, has been elected the Council Spokesperson.

The Annual Town Council meeting held at the Brook Way Activity Centre, as per directions of the
social-distancing protocols, also selected three standing committees of the Bradley Stoke Town Council
which pertains to 1. Finance, 2. Planning & Environment and 3. Leisure, Youth & Amenities as well as
the council representatives to various associated external bodies. Furthermore, the meeting approved
the bank signatories, the external and internal auditors, the budget plan and the unaudited year-end
financial figures. The Baileys Court Play-area redevelopment project, which costs circa £105,000.00
was also agreed at the Council meeting.

The new Mayor, Michael Hill thanked all councillors for their support and assured them that he will do
his best to enhance the town as well as to support the community and to uphold the democratic norms
of the Council.

Michael John Hill was born and educated in North London. He initiated his career in a weekly
newspaper, moving on to become a press officer of London Transport. Michael spent most of his career
on media duties with the Ministry of Defence. At different times, he was head of public relations at the
Royal Air Force Headquarters at High Wycombe and latterly at the Royal Navy’s Fleet Headquarters
at Northwood. His travels took him from Hong Kong to the Falkland Islands and from the West Indies
to the Persian Gulf.

Cllr Michael started his political innings at the London Borough of Barnet in 1974 and served as a
Borough Councillor at Barnet for 12 years. Afterwards, he moved to Northampton and served on
Northampton Borough Council for 18 years, where he was Mayor in 2009-10. He served four years as
a Northamptonshire County Councillor from 2005 to 2009 as well.

Michael and his wife Margaret moved to Bradley Stoke in 2017 and live near Baileys Court. He can
often be seen walking his cockapoo ‘Poppy’ in the area. He was very fond of exploring the natural
landscapes of Switzerland. His other hobbies include railways, photography, and football.
In 2019, Cllr Michael Hill was elected to the Bradley Stoke Town Council, representing the South Ward.

His Mayoral charities for 2021/22 are ‘Dogs for Good’, which is a life-transforming national charity, creating partnerships between people living with disability and specially trained assistance dogs and ‘St Peter’s Hospice’, which is a local charity that provides care and support to adults who are living with a progressive life-limiting illness in the West of England region.

Bradley Stoke Councillors unanimously wished the new Mayor a very fruitful term of office.

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