Diverse Doors Multi-Faith Trail on May 8th led by Mayor, Councillor Tom Aditya 

On Sunday, the 8th of May 2022, Mayor Tom Aditya will lead the Diverse Doors Multi-Faith Trail, which connects diverse places of worship in the region. The Diverse Doors Multi-Faith Trail, organised by the Bristol Multi-Faith Forum (BMFF) celebrates the religious diversity of the region, giving communities the chance to experience each other’s cultures and learn about each other’s beliefs; and offering the opportunity to visit a range of places of worship and discover the many faith communities that exist in the region. BSTC encourage community members to partake in the Diverse Doors Multi- Faith Trail as part of the Council’s community cohesion endeavour. 

The BMFF has been organising the Diverse Doors Multi-Faith Trail for many years. The theme of this year’s Diverse Doors Open Day will be “Spirituality and Mental Wellbeing”. The day will also focus on world peace and the community efforts to support the distressed people affected by the war. 

BMFF will arrange a scheduled tour called Diverse Doors Multi-Faith Trail providing minibus transport for people who have signed up for the tour in advance, for a small donation of £5. Diverse Doors Multi- Faith Trail will start at 9.30 am on Sunday, the 8th of May 2022 from the BMFF office at the Barton Hill Settlement, 43 Ducie Road, Bristol (BS5 0AX), and will finish by 5 pm. The Faith Trail will pass through a Buddhist monastery, a Greek Orthodox Church, a Black Christian Church, a Muslim Mosque, a Sikh Gurudwara, a Jewish Synagogue, a Hindu Temple, and a Bahai Centre. 

For more details, please click the following link: https://bristolmultifaithforum.org.uk/2022/04/08/bddod- 2022-may-8/.

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