Former Mayor Announces New Political Party

Former Mayor, Cllr Elaine Hardwick of Bradley Stoke is delighted to announce that she has formed a new political party –The Citizens Movement Party UK– due to residents being disillusioned with the current political situation and wanting change locally and nationally.

The party was registered with the Electoral Commission and approved on the 10thSeptember 2019 and has local residents as part of the key management.

Cllr Elaine Hardwick said“I have listened to many people about what concerns them, locally and nationally. Their concerns are the party’s concerns.”

A Senior member of staff in the NHS stated “The NHS is a complete mess, why keep throwing good money after bad. They need to sort the NHS out once and for all. There aren’t enough nurses and the nurses we do have are working unacceptably long hours, which puts a strain on their own health, something needs to be done”

Two shop assistants in Newport Wales state “we don’t want to work until we are 75, we have worked all our lives, can’t we have some time to enjoy what time we have left”

Elaine stated that it is these concerns and others that made up her mind to address issues such as these.

The Citizens Movement Party UKwill bring change, bringing back old and new values to align with each other, bring the people together, to work together and bring back a Nation that was once great.

“The Citizen Movement Party will bring back the Voice of the People and the Spirit of our Nation, as these values have been eroded by Parliament – We are in this for the long haul” Elaine concluded.

Elaine and the Citizens Movement Party can be contacted on

 [email protected] and/or [email protected]

Photo shows:

left to right Mary Bowden – Treasurer; Casey Hardwick Booy – Nominating Officer; Cllr Elaine Hardwick – Party Leader; Laura Griffiths – Media & Policy Manager; Brad Bowden – Party Secretary; Terry Port –  Party Chairman & Prospective Candidate

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