Little Stoke Scout Group need more Superhereos

As we emerge from the Covid pandemic and start reclaiming our lives children’s out of school activities can resume. Little Stoke Scout Group look forward to face to face meetings. The group has a  long waiting list for Beavers 5.9 to 8 years, Cubs 8 to 10 years and Scouts 10 to 14 years.
Our leaders are all volunteers and become Superheroes to their children and the other children in the Group because of the exciting evenings and residential activities they organise and provide for local children.
One such Superhero is Elaine Adams our Akela with the Cubs who, along with her team, provide a programme to 28 children who cannot wait to start meeting face to face again. Elaine is a Glaswegian and arrived in Little Stoke when she moved to the area from North Wales to be with her husband Sean. Sean is also a leader with the group in the Beaver section.
Whilst living in North Wales Elaine enjoyed rock climbing, body boarding and generally getting out and enjoying all the outdoor activities available in that area.
Elaine now works locally and her job involves a lot of interaction with many different people, this has gained her a lot of people skills which have proved useful in running Cubs at Little Stoke.  Elaine previously helped run a Rainbows unit and helped with Brownies. Seeing what the children got out of these organisations she wanted to do her bit to enable her children to get involved.
Since she started volunteering at Cubs Elaine feels that she has been welcomed into a family, and has gained a whole new network of support. She has gained confidence in working with the other volunteers and children.
Elaine says “for my children It has enhanced their already confident personalities and has provided them with a safe outlet to nurture their curiosity. It has given them a network outside of school and their classroom buddies. The children at Cubs come from eleven different schools so their pool of friends is very broad. They have also gained from experiences that they would not otherwise have had”.
Elaine would like to welcome other people to join her in being a Superhero, if you join in and help with running a section your child can avoid the waiting list and join immediately. Elaine says “The best thing is to get them to give it a try. Usually once children have been once or twice, they want to come back again. As for volunteering, these groups only continue because of volunteers. Parents sometimes worry that they won’t have time, especially if they work. I work full time and find that I can fit in my volunteering without any problems, the bigger the team I have the less each volunteer has to do”.
If you would like to join Elaine and get involved at Little Stoke Scout Group contact Tony Edmonds Group Scout leader [email protected] or telephone 07987880503.
Today is the day to join Elaine and become a Superhero to your children!

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