Love is in the air … literally!

love-hearts-webWe loved this true life love story, sent to us by the MS Centre in Bradley Stoke, of two people living with MS who met and fell in love in an Oxygen Chamber!

Becky first laid eyes on Andy when she was coming out of the Oxygen Chamber at The West of England MS Therapy Centre. Just over three years ago she saw a tall, dark and handsome stranger waiting to go into the oxygen chamber; it was love at first sight.

MS Centre Andy & BeckyBecky is quite shy and reserved, however her weekly visit to the Centre became more interesting, ‘my Oxygen Treatment is at a different pressure to Andy’s, the one before in fact, I would see him smiling at me each time I was leaving the chamber. There was a time he didn’t come to the Centre for a few weeks and I really missed him. Then the next time he came to the Centre, I said I had missed seeing him. From that point onwards we would always have a chat’.

‘I was attracted to Becky straight away, her beautiful smile and the more I talked to Becky the more beautiful she was to me’ said Andy. ‘I knew Becky’s birthday was coming up, I asked her what she was doing on her special day; Becky said she had nothing planned. I suggested we go out for a steak meal to celebrate and we started dating from then. I knew after a few months Becky was the one for me, we had been dating for around eight months and were invited to a friend’s wedding, I asked Becky casually how long do couples usually wait before they get engaged, Becky said I don’t really know, I would imagine a year. I asked Becky to marry me on our first years’ anniversary’.

Becky laughed, ‘It was my birthday and I could see and hear Andy coming up the path of my home, because he was shouting – Becky will you marry me? He knocked on the door, he could hear me coming and again said – Becky will you marry me? I opened the door and paused – I knew I wanted to marry him; I closed my eyes for a few seconds because I wanted to take in this beautiful moment, I opened my eyes and said yes, of course I want to marry you. Andy is very creative, relaxed, chilled and has a warm personality and gives the best cuddles. He is very romantic – he leaves little surprises for me – the other evening I was busy in the kitchen, without me knowing he had brought me a beautiful sparkly heart, put my picture in and placed it under my duvet. After he had left, I went to bed and found it’.

At the age of 20, Becky was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), she has been living with the condition for 18 years and has been visiting to The West of England MS Therapy Centre for 12 years. Becky says ‘I have Oxygen Treatment; it helps with my fatigue, my vision, to think clearly and to have a good night sleep. It also helps with my bladder management’. These are some of the symptoms of MS. Andy was diagnosed with MS three and a half years ago, and has been having Oxygen Treatment for three years at the Centre. The treatment helps with fatigue and keeps his MS symptoms at bay.

‘On Valentine’s Day Andy and I plan to take a romantic stroll along the beach, and drink banana milk shakes – we love them! Andy will help push Josh (Josh is Becky’s nickname for her rollator) and we will snuggle up because he keeps me warm and safe’ said Becky. ‘Maybe The West of England MS Therapy Centre could have speed dating nights because it worked for us and it is a great place to meet people. Plus it would bring in much needed funds for the Centre. Our treatments are heavily subsidised by the Charity and without the Centre I would not have met Andy, be able to look forward to the future and have a loving relationship’.

The West of England MS Therapy Centre provides treatments, therapies, services and support to people living with MS and many other conditions; to alleviate some of the distressing symptoms and encourage them to remain fit, active and mobile for as long as possible in a warm and friendly environment.  For more information visit their website here.

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