Unwanted Foreign and Old Coins Appeal & Used Stamp Appeal

We have received this appeal from local residents on behalf of RP Fighting Blindness:

“The back of drawers, in sofas we all have little corners we have not looked in for ages. Please have a look & put your old coins to good use, it will enable RP Fighting Blindness to continue giving help & support where it is needed. The Used Stamp Appeal continues, Gina & Ron would like to say a big thank you to all who have sent stamps previously, if you have not, but would like to send us your used stamps please do (If you can trim outside the perforations we get more money for them) also unwanted collections are welcome.

Do you belong to a group or club that have speakers? Would they like someone to come along and give a talk? The talk is designed to be Interesting, Informative, & Humorous, (we do not charge for the talk) so please feel free to contact us.

Ron & Gina Pritchard 22, Huckford road, Winterbourne, Bristol, BS36 1EA    

Tel 01454 772927 or   email   [email protected]

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