Bradley Stoke Bowls Club AGM

On the evening of the 25th October over fifty members of the Bradley Stoke Bowls Club met for the AGM at the Baileys Court Centre. 

The chairman, Robert Bertram conducted proceedings with his usual calm efficiency, after paying tribute to the outgoing Captain Bob Wilkins and his wife Janet, standing down as Membership secretary, he regretted that a few posts had not been filled, and hoped that they would be before the start of the 2019 season. Robert also expressed the Club’s good wishes to John and Doreen Pope who are leaving the district after serving the Club so well.

The usual business of such events ran smoothly, showing that the Club is financially sound and socially and sportingly active. The membership of 107 (69 men and 38 ladies) had been augmented by 21 new players, 13 entirely new to the game. A new member praised the club for its friendly and supportive atmosphere.

References was made to the successful Captains’ and President’s days, the social events and Club Tour to Bournemouth, all of which were well received by the members.

Special mention was made regarding the effectiveness of the new sprinkler system which maintained the green in first class condition during the heatwave and the subject of much admiration by visiting bowlers.

In spite of the absence of any special charity effort this year, two fine Charities were able to share more modest donations; the Milestones Trust (£170) and CLIC Sargent (£147).

Club members approved the giving of honorary membership to two worthy members, Val Nicholls and Bill Plank and learnt that Sanjaye Somaroo, is to be next year’s President of the Bristol City and County Bowling Association. As is customary, the President’s Club has the honour of playing a game against the Association next season.

The most significant business of the evening, was the decision by the members to incorporate the rink fees into the annual subscription. In this way each member will pay the same amount towards the running of the Club.

Towards the end of the meeting it was the pleasant duty of the Competitions Secretary, Dennis Overton, to present the various trophies to most of the winners. 

Dennis is seen in the photo carefully guarding his treasures before parting with them. The chairman thanked Dennis for his work over may years and was delighted that Sanjaye Somaroo had volunteered to take over this role next year.

The meeting drew to a close with reports of embryo plans for next season, including a visit to the Isle of Bohemia (in the middle of the Thames at Reading), and a possible overseas tour – to the Isle of Wight!

In conclusion, the Club President, Brian Newman articulated the wishes of all members by thanking all office bearers and helpers for their good works during the past season.

Thanks to Arthur Allen for this report.

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