Bradley Stoke Councillors Surgery relaunched by local Councillors

Bradley Stoke Councillors’ Monthly Advice Surgery has been relaunched at the Willow Brook Shopping Centre after a gap of eight years, on Saturday, 31st of July 2021 by Cllr John Ashe and Cllr Tom Aditya (pictured right). On the re-launch day itself, many residents and visitors came up with their concerns and issues. Matters concerning footpaths, parking, access hazards, noisy neighbours, smelly litter bins, non-collection of green bins, vaccination, covid testing, quarantine, speeding were general topics of concern, however, there were also complaints which fell within the remit of the Bristol City Council and other nearby councils, which were courteously signposted. Councillors expressed appreciation to all residents who engaged with the surgery. 

The purpose of the councillors surgery is to give local residents, an extra outreach opportunity to speak to councillors regarding council services and activities. At the monthly advice surgeries, attending councillors will collect information from the residents using the prescribed feedback forms and will pass it to the council office and make sure that each issue that comes before them are appropriately taken care of. 

The councillors monthly advice surgeries will be continued on the last Saturday of each month from 10 am to 12 pm in the Willow Brook Centre. The proposed dates for the next few months are 28th August 2021, 25th September 2021, 30th October 2021 and 27th November 2021.

Relishing the success of the first councillor surgery, the local police beat team have indicated that they are hoping to join the councillors surgeries on 30th October and 27th November. 

Councillors surgeries are undertaken completely voluntarily by the councillors. However, two councillors shall ideally staff each surgery. Cllr John Ashe, who is the South Gloucestershire Councillor for Bradley Stoke South Ward and the Bradley Stoke Town Councillor representing the Stoke Brook Ward had shown much interest to attend all councillors surgeries. He feels that councillor surgeries as forward-looking and friendly occasions. It helps to signpost matters without much difficulty. 

Cllr Tom Aditya, who is BSTC Spokesperson, Finance Committee Chairman and Chairman of the South Glos Council’s Community Engagement Forum for Bradley Stoke and Stoke Lodge commented: “I am glad to volunteer for the councillors surgery at the shopping centre since it helps me to easily connect with my constituents and also helps residents to effortlessly link with me as their representative. It is educative, engaging and enriching”. 

Councillors also thanked Willow Brook Centre and their staff for their support and co-operation for the smooth conduct of the councillors monthly advice surgeries. 

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