BSCS Students go the extra mile to help others: Ellie

Ellie is a Post 16 Student and in her final year at Bradley Stoke Community School Post 16 (BSCS). She was involved in the Samaritans Purse Shoebox Appeal last year and collected 44 shoeboxes from family and friends. These were all destined for underprivileged children who have next to nothing, be it in a war zone, due to extreme poverty or simple underdevelopment. These shoeboxes are likely to be the only treat that these children would receive all year, let alone for Christmas. 

This year, despite the additional work of being in her final year, she was once again committed to helping children much less fortunate than herself. Ellie is driven by compassion and has an enormous capability for really feeling for others. With this in mind Ellie was determined to better last year’s total.

 Ellie began to spread the word about the shoebox appeal by creating posters, videos and using social media. Having done this the shoeboxes started arriving. We asked Ellie to deliver an assembly to the primary school next door. Ellie rose to the challenge and delivered the presentation and the students were excited to get involved. Soon after the boxes were coming in thick and fast and with the deadline fast approaching, Ellie ramped up her badgering to good effect. The day arrived for the shoeboxes to be collected from school. We loaded up a total of 80 shoeboxes to the awaiting van! Ellie was delighted, having nearly doubled her efforts from the previous year. From first getting to know Ellie when she started at BSCS as a year 7 pupil, we saw something different and special. As she progressed through school we realised that Ellie was a truly compassionate and caring individual. She has remained popular and well liked throughout her time at BSCS, with both students and staff. 

 BSCS is incredibly proud of Ellie for all her efforts with the shoebox appeal again this year.  Ellie typifies the attitude of our students which is to think about others who are less fortunate than themselves. 

Well done Ellie!

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