Great Community Spirit shown in re-use of Skatepark

1424295_10153871884466514_1775909958684106004_nBradley Stoke Matters loves a good pulling-together of the community story, especially one that that re-uses ‘pre-loved’ items!  We were therefore very pleased to hear from Amanda Patterson regarding the removal of the old Skate Park in Bradley Stoke to a new location in Pilning.

Amanda told us that her husband Gary runs The Way Gym in Little Stoke offering kickboxing classes to children and adults.  He heard early last year that the skate park was being replaced so contacted Graham Baker at the Bradley Stoke Town Council asking if they would consider donating it to the Pilning Playing Fields.

After 9 months of negotiations with the Town Council, he was given the go ahead late last week as long as he could organise the dismantling and removal of the ramps over the weekend!

“A great opportunity to be part of a scheme where local people can provide a great facility for the children in our own community“:  Gary put out an immediate plea on Facebook on the afternoon of 7th January asking for volunteers who would be willing to help with the dismantling of the ramps and loading onto a vehicle (kindly supplied by Plantspeed in Avonmouth) for transportation and unloading back at Pilning, with the intention of rebuilding it at the Playing fields later in the year (preferably when the weather is dry!).

946123_10153876691726514_8531004116358745481_nOn Saturday morning 9th January, over 20 volunteers turned up to lend a hand in the pouring rain. They worked tirelessly, despite the weather, all day until they ran out of daylight. A large number of them then returned on Sunday and again worked until it was dark!   A brilliant show of community support! 

Amanda commented on her Facebook page: “Without Gary this project would not have been possible. Well done Hun both Joe and I are very proud of you. We have some really great people in Pilning and Severn Beach. Great work “Team Skate Park” you all did fab. Can’t wait for the re-build!” 

She would also like to give a big thank you to Dave Bryans, owner of Plantspeed and DB International Transport Services ( in Avonmouth for providing the artic lorry and driver Nigel both Saturday and Sunday. Without Dave’s help it would not have been possible to transport the equipment.

VOLUNTEERS : Paul Cruikshank (local builder), Robert Clapp, Pete, Richard Corbett, Dean Hodson (local builder), Vanny Hern, Tim Roper (local Landscape Gardner who turned up with a tractor), Paul Hanks, Joe Patterson, Declan Pickett, Sean Palmer, Joe Exon, Harry Morgan, Ben Phipps, Fiona Phipps, Gary Phipps, Dylan Berry, Mark  Gowler, Peter Tyzack, Paul Robson.  Two boys that used the Bradley Stoke skatepark also helped with its removal and 2 boys from Tesco in Bradley Stoke and a manager turned up with sandwiches and doughnuts on Saturday and the boys stayed and helped all day.  All in all, fantastic support and a great joint community effort :0)

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