Local MP to put pressure on South Glos & Metrobus Contractors to Alleviate Road Chaos

Jack Lopresti MP has called an urgent meeting with those responsible for the Metrobus works in Bradley Stoke which are causing major road congestion.  Representatives from; the road contractors, Metrobus, South Gloucestershire Council including the lead Councillor responsible for Transport in South Gloucestershire,  Councillor Colin Hunt, have all been invited to a meeting in Jack’s office this week in order to find a solution along with the local Bradley Stoke Councillors.

Jack has also arranged to have an urgent meeting this evening with the Secretary of State for Transport, the Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP, to bring this issue to his attention and call for his intervention.

Jack Lopresti MP for Filton and Bradley Stoke says:

“As a resident of Almondsbury with an office in Bradley Stoke I fully understand, have experienced and share the total frustration of people stuck in traffic jams during commuting hours without much evidence it seems of work actually taking place on the Metrobus route.  Constituents have reported to me that whilst they are stuck in their cars in traffic jams they have seen workmen asleep on the site.

“This evening in my meeting with the Secretary of State, I will be urging him to intervene and put pressure on South Gloucestershire Council and the contractors to get a grip of the situation to complete the works as quickly as possible.

“The works have gone on for too long and are not being done with due understanding and appreciation for people who have to get in and out of Bradley Stoke every day.  The Metrobus works need to be completed as quickly as possible with the minimum disruption to local residents.”

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