Looking After our Local Woodlands

Two local woodland groups are working together, and with the UWE and others too, to develop and protect their woodlands.  

The two woodlands, Splatts Abbey Wood, near the MoD, and Sims Hill, near the Bristol Business Park, are also keen to engage with and involve the wider local community.

The Splatts Abbey Wood group has been going for many years and is responsible for the historic woodland sited between the MoD and the UWE. It can trace the woods roots back centuries. The group seeks to conserve and enhance the biodiversity and environmental quality of the woodland and to provide good quality public access to the woodland at levels that are in balance with the conservation of its biodiversity. It seeks to build links with the local community and different local groups through the organisation of work parties and events. The group has close links to South Glos Council, but is in the process of becoming a more independent organisation.  

It s committee has members of the public from Stoke Gifford, Filton and Bradley Stoke on it, and also Susie Weaver the head teacher of the new Wallscourt Farm Academy School – the group really values its links with the school.

The Splatts group can be contacted via : – [email protected]

The Sims Hill Community Woodland Committeemanages Sims Hill Community Woodland and seeks to provide environmental and social benefits to local residents, businesses and visitors. The Sims Hill Woodland runs around the edge of the Bristol Business Park, (which sits opposite the UWE).

The Committee aims to provide improved access through the woodland, and to improve the biodiversity and environmental quality of the woodland. It also wants   to build social links between different local groups through the organisation of working parties and other events.

The Sims Hill Woodland Committee can be contacted at: –     [email protected]  

Along with the UWE volunteering department the woodlands have recruited a team of student volunteers – who have formed a group called UWE GreenSpace. The woodlands and UWE GreenSpace have put together a work plan involving regular workdays at the woodlands including involvement from the wider local community too.

David Bell, Chairman of the Splatts Abbey Wood group said:- “We are delighted to be working with our sister woodland Sims Hill and to be increasing our involvement with the wider community. The UWE GreenSpace project has been quite inspirational, with dedicated, hardworking students helping to contribute to their local environment and community. When I first raised doing this with the UWE Volunteering Department last year I had no idea it would blossom into such a great project. ”

UWE Greenspace student project leaders said “Collaboration with this work makes it possible to form an enthusiastic and knowledgeable group of students who can contribute to the protection, development and conservation of these sites. It s not a job done overnight but we are excited for the future of the relationship with UWE student volunteers. ”

Dom Driver, Chair, Sims Hill Community Woodland added – “Many of us in the Sims Hill Community Woodland group happen to work for Forestry Commission England in their Bristol office.   We all love trees so it is great to be walking the walk again and looking after a local wood, especially alongside Splatts Abbey Wood group and the students from UWE ”.


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