Mayor Councillor Tom Aditya opens New Car Park (Mon 18th May)

On Monday 18th May, Mayor Tom Aditya opened the new car park at the Brook Way Activity Centre in Bradley Stoke. This low-key brief event was held with approriate social distancing measures in place. Deputy Mayor Cllr Tony Griffiths, Cllr Michael Hill, Town Clerk Sharon Petela and two youngsters attended. The opening marks the end of lengthy process to bring the project to a close. Mayor Aditya, hopes that users of the Brook Way Activity Centre will benefit from the new facility, which was favoured in a public consultation at the start of the process. 

Mayor Tom Aditya acknowledged all those who had been behind the project and thanked all of them. Bradley Stoke Town Council had hoped for this opening to take place in a more community orientated, happier times. However, a symbolic opening such as this to respect the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic is also symbolic of the thriving community in Bradley Stoke that lays beneath. 

Mayor Aditya on behalf of Bradley Stoke Town Council, praised the residents for doing their best to remain safe during this period and wished all the residents of the town well during these challenging times. 

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