Meadowbrook Primary School celebrates new library

Staff and pupils at Meadowbrook Primary School have completed an ambitious project to revamp their school library, with impressive results!

With money set aside from the school budget, and a little help from the Friends of school, a brand new stock of books has been purchased and the layout of the library has also been completely re-organised to make it a more versatile and enjoyable space for pupils to learn.

The new library was officially opened with a ribbon cutting at the end of October, and children also enjoyed a visit from Winnie the Witch (a very friendly and kind witch!), who read a story about dinosaurs to all pupils in Key stage 1 and let the children see some dinosaur fossils.

Pupils in Years 5 and 6 have helped to develop new roles as Junior Librarians that give them extra responsibilities and to promote a love of reading across the school.  Ten pupils were selected in total and received certificates and badges to recognize their success. To be part of the library team and help with running the library children will be issuing and returning books, helping younger pupils to access the library, shelving books, and using the computers.

 “Developing a love of reading in young children has a significant impact on their longer-term educational outcomes. It is therefore important that we immerse children in an environment that excites them and ignites their passion and love of reading. The new library at Meadowbrook creates a wonderful ambiance that encourages all children to curl up and explore new and exciting worlds of knowledge. It is fantastic to see that pupils are already exploring new texts and extending their reading repertoire independently.” Claire Banks, Executive Headteacher

 “In addition to the percentage of pupils meeting the ‘expected standard’ in Reading this year, 29% of our Yr6 pupils achieved the very highest grade in their KS2 Reading SATs, which is an incredible achievement given the 2017 national average achieving these top grades is 19%. We hope that these numbers will only increase with our new library now in place.” Sharon Bishop, Deputy Headteacher

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