Metrobus Construction Updates …

Hambrook Lane 

From Monday 6th February, Hambrook Lane will be closed for two weeks to: create a farmers access, widen the road, install kerbing etc. A further final 1 week closure will be required in May/June for resurfacing and road marking

Bradley Stoke Way between Patchway Brook and Aztec West Roundabout (including Woodlands Lane Junction) 

Westbound surfacing works has been completed along with one of the eastbound lanes. The newly surfaced westbound lane is now open and night time work continues throughout the week commencing the 6th February to surface the remaining eastbound lane.

All work is weather dependent and exact night-time closures will be known closer to the time.

Signals work on Woodland Lane & Orchard Gate will take place at the same time as the surfacing work. All major work at Aztec West should be completed mid-late February, weather permitting.

Bradley Stoke Way between Patchway Brook and Savage Wood (Tesco) 

Patchway Brook roundabout will need to be closed at some point before 13th February to surface the eastbound approach road. There is still work to be finished along this stretch and cones are in place for safety reasons.

Bradley Stoke Way between Savage Wood (Tesco) and Great Stoke Roundabout Work will start here in late February on a new south bound bus lane approaching Great Stoke Roundabout. The work is due to be completed in the middle of June.

A38 Filton Road 

As soon as Bradley Stoke Way is surfaced, work will start to build a bus stop and bus lane on A38 south of Aztec West roundabout. This is due to complete by end of March, weather permitting.

A4174 Between Hambrook and Wick Wick Roundabout 

The bus lanes are currently coned off due to landscaping. All work on the ring road is almost complete. Some surfacing work is still to be done between Bromley Heath and Wick Wick roundabouts where flat spots are holding water. The work will take three days to complete and will be carried out in March.

Emersons Way 

Work soon to start on the new westbound MetroBus stop. Once started, work will take eight weeks.

Coldharbour Lane/Stoke Lane 

Stoke Lane has reverted to two way traffic after being one-way for seven months. The work is due to complete early autumn and until then there will be narrow lanes with occasional short length, short term traffic lights for specific pieces of work. The shared footpath for cyclists and pedestrians on Stoke Lane will remain open.

The 2+ Lanes on the ring road between Coldharbour Lane and the M32 have been reinstated. as from 1st February..

Work can now proceed with creating the northbound MetroBus stops on Coldharbour Lane.

M32 Junction 3 

Narrow lanes are in place at Junction 3 in both directions while we extend the existing bus lane as far as the railway bridge just south of junction 2. Average Speed Cameras will restrict speed to an average of 30 mph during the works. This is 10 mph slower than the normal speed restriction to protect workers. The narrow lanes will be in place until March, although the work will not actually finish until May.2017.

M32 New Bus Only Junction 

The narrow lanes and speed restrictions around the new Bus Only Junction have now been lifted. The Bus Only Junction has been cordoned off with cones for safety reasons. The work is due to complete March 2017.

City Centre 

The new bridge deck has been completed to form the new road over the centre linking Baldwin Street with St Augustine’s Parade outside the Hippodrome. The new road is expected to be open in early April.

Once opened, traffic approaching this new junction from Baldwin Street will not be able to turn right towards Rupert Street and the Bear Pit. Traffic entering the city centre from Rupert Street will not be able to turn left into Baldwin Street.

From Monday 6th February there are new traffic movements heading into the centre from the Bear Pit along Rupert Street. Traffic going to towards Baldwin Street will continue to sweeping past Electricity House. Traffic heading towards Park Street will continue straight on. This is to allow space to build the new taxi rank on the eastern side of Colston Avenue.

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