Plea for storage from Northavon Youth Theatre Company

Over its 40 year existence, the Northavon School of Drama, whose Students perform as the Northavon Youth Theatre Company, has built up not only an enviable reputation, plus many theatrical awards, but also through numerous grants, sponsorship and hard work, it has amassed stocks of Scenery, Properties and Costumes ~ all needing storage space! About 20 years ago, a kind Rockhampton Farmer made a unit (ex-Stable!) available to us for the princely sum of £4 per week, which he has never increased, understanding we operate as a community based organisation, guided entirely by volunteers and giving young people an exciting opportunity of learning all aspects of Stagecraft, taking part in Musical Productions, Showcases and Concerts.

We now have thousands of beautiful and useful costumes in our ‘Wardrobe’, but all good things come to an end and as the units are about to be demolished, we have been given notice and desperately need YOUR help! Please can anyone offer us Costume Storage at reasonable rates? Current dimensions are 23’ x 14’, roughly the size of a large garage and it needs to be clean and dry for our recently sorted and clearly labelled collection. We have our own rails, shelving, crates & boxes, plus a dehumidifier and fluorescent lights, so all we need is a suitable space, in or around Thornbury, so if you can help, please email Lyn at [email protected] or ring 01454 884154.

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