Wonderland WillowBrook

cards-lydiard[feat]Don’t be late for a very important date! The WillowBrook Centre is celebrating the release of new Alice Through the Looking Glass film with an Alice themed spectacular on Tuesday 31 May from 11am.

Local youngsters are in for a wonderful day of free craft with lots of amazing Alice characters appearing in the shopping centre through out the day.  There will be fun and slapstick from a pair of giant playing cards. The acrobatic duo will perform three tumbling walkabouts around the WillowBrook Centre.

Children can also meet the rather silly stilt walking Mad Hatter and Alice at the event. The Queen of Hearts will also be there towering above shoppers and being impossible. There will be a Wonderland craft workshop outside Card Factory for youngsters to get creative making Mad Hatter’s hats and fluffy flamingoes, and an Alice trail around the complex to find the white rabbits hidden in the shops to win a sweet treat.

WillowBrook Centre manager Andy Wynn said: “We are looking forward to a curiouser and curiouser day of impossible Alice themed fun. There will be lots of unusual and colourful sights to see. ”

The event is on between 11am and 3pm. For details of events go to WillowBrookCentre.co.uk

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